How to start trading Crypto Currency?

For those of you who are looking for a beginners guide on investing in Cryptocurrency your in the right place.

Below is a video where the creator covers How to get starting trading cryptocurrency in 3 simple steps .


He covers the following topics.

How much to invest in crypto currency when getting started?

What exchanges to use to buy crypto currency?

How to research coins to invest in.

If your looking to buy cryptocurrencys  id be inclined to stay with the larger exchanges that have been tried and tested by the masses. Once you have a heafty stake in your crypto exchange account I recommend moving the funds to a cold storage so that your not at mercy of the exchange going down. That being said we do approve of his recommendations

Live Gold Price Today – View our live gold price chart

HEADERIf you have been paying attention to gold price today you would realize that it is experiencing an increase after a slight slump over the last few days. Despite the slump, the price of gold has still been at an all-time high. If you pay attention to the gold price chart from the start of the year, you would see a positive trend. Accumulating gold is a centuries-old response to times of emergency. The yellow metal has taken off in worth since Britain voted to leave the European Union as financial specialists shoot towards theconventional place of refuge resources.

Paying Attention to the Trend in Gold Price

Costs have achieved a three-year high as Brexit stresses strengthen. If you pay attention to gold price per gram or gold price per ouncetoday, you would rejoice to know that it is presently worth $1,350up from $1,200 on June. In any case, the spike takes after a maintained rally in the gold cost consistently. Gold has revived following the Brexit vote, and it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The privatefinancial specialist mGold-Price-Todayarket for gold and silver is very much adjusted, not terrified, after the Brexit value surge.

The new enthusiasm for gold has turned pointedly higher, driven by US speculators maybe finding a notice of unpredictability in the Brexit vote in front of November’s presidential race. Gold would not be decreasing in value significantly for a while. If you are looking for a safe investment, then this could be the answer. At any rate, gold has been the safe haven for investors for a long time now, and there is no indication that the trend should change anytime soon. Despite the slight drop in the $1,330 several days ago, gold is still going strong and would probably keep increasing until after the presidential election in the US.

Live Gold Price- Forecast for Gold

Gold-Price-Forecast-2016If you have been paying attention to live gold price then you would realize that the trend has been on the increase since Brexit. On the other hand, that is not the only reason for the positive gold price forecast. Interest for gold commonly climbs when loan fees are low. Albeit gold has no yield, it tends to offer speculators a superior spot to stop their cash when money reserve funds are poor, as they are when rates are low. There was a slight decrease in the value of gold several days ago, yet the price of gold today has stabilized again to the $1,350 area. The slight slump was nothing to be worried about because the current gold price shows plenty of positive signs from the start of the year.

Brief Forecast for Gold

Toward the end of a year ago, it appeared the tide was turning, with the US Federal Reserve expanding rates without precedent for a long time. Yet, the Fed collapsed on a rate ascend in June and desires for further climbs this year have retreated. Regardless of the fact that rates do rise, it may not as a matter, of course, be terrible news for gold. Another indicator of the prospective investment in gold today would be the dollar.

gold-price-forecast-300x210The dollar is gold’s huge adversary and the two have a tendency to have a reverse relationship. When interest for dollars falls, financial specialists and banks far and wide stop their cash in gold, along these lines expanding the estimation of the yellow metal. At the point when the dollar acknowledges in worth, speculators tend to move their cash from gold into the money. The dollar has been experiencing a downward trend for several months now, and gold has taken that opportunity to rise. You should find a site that can provide you with information about gold price live if you wish for further confirmation.

Live Gold Price Feed Coming Soon

Thank you for your patience – Our new site will be up shortly offering live Gold price charts and prices drilling down to the gold price per gram or gold price per ounce

gold price chart

Above is a Gold price chart which is also showing current COT data as of 05/08/16

The attached chart is highlighting that the Commercials are in fact NET short as we are approaching price levels that have not been seen since March 2014. What we find interested is that the commercials have not been this heavily NET short in the last 5 years. What does this mean to us as traders? Are they getting ready to price in another drop in gold prices to accumulate Longs before everything starts cooking in USA later in the year with US elections and BREXIT comes to a final decision? One this is for sure – we are in a risk on environment which is causing people to flock to buy up Gold, Silver.